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The Legion Wiki is the all in one source for any information related to the MMORPG Legion. It is a repository of information about every aspect of the game from character creation to ancient lore.


Legion is a massively multi-player online role playing game set in a current alternate reality where you play as a type of demon charged spreading chaos and destruction throughout the earth. Your goal as a demon in Legion is to overthrow the religions that plague MalusTerra and claim the earth for Lucifer's army. The game will be set in a modern world that is a twisted replicate of our own where cities are desolate places and religious oppression plagues mankind. Each of the religious factions in Legion have grown into corrupt militaristic empires constantly at war with one another.

Each character in Legion is a demon that has their own unique set of abilities to combat the enemies throughout the world. There are no classes or races in Legion. There are only the Circles to which each specific demon is bound. Based on the Circle that the specific demon is bound to that demon will have certain demonic powers that differ from the other circles. Multiple demons may inherit similar skill sets based on their Circle. Although there are multiple demons from each circle each will have their own unique set of spells and abilities.

As a demon each character will have two forms, a human and a demon form. Each character will have different sets of abilities and spells available to them depending on what form they are in. The player can change forms on the fly which adds a lot of flexibility to the combo / combat system.

The Gear in Legion will have specific benefits to both the human and the demon form. Depending on the players skill level and play style they can choose gear that best suits them. Whether a player enjoys sneaking through the shadows killing holy men while they sleep or massacring an entire congregation in pillars of fire, the gear will be provided to do so. Each piece of gear will also look different depending on what form you are in. Helms = Horns, Shoulder items = Wings, Accessories = Augmentations, etc.

Legion is an entire world that consists of 9 starting zones for the 9 circles of Abyssus and 3 much larger continents for higher levels. The starting zones can be traversed via The Navis which carries demons to different areas of Abyssus. Travel in MalusTerra is much the same as it is in our own world. Trains, ships, and airplanes will all be available to travel throughout the different areas of the world.

Legion is designed for casual players that are tired of the same type of MMO with magic forests and fairies. Legion is a dark game that contains mature content and is not for the faint of heart.


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